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Computer Networking

Network design installation and management to meet your needs. From simple remote management of your residential systems to large sd-wan deployments. We have the solutions for you.  


Control Systems

Touch, click, speak, swipe. We provide you with the core systems to manage your tech world. We can set you up with a simple solution to control every system in your home.



SOS, Help, Aidez-moi... We all need help sometimes. Our help desk suport solutions will be catered to your needs. 


Design Review

What is a CSM-QMTDC-163-1-CN and why is it on a proposal. We make sense of the tech and give you real world insight into current, future and dream systems. 


Audio Video

We can provide you with the systems needed to help communicate your business mission through digital signage and video conferencing solutions. More importantly, we can design solutions for unwinding, recharging and entertaining in your home.


Personal Attention

We value relationships over equipment.  We will work with your designers, contractors and staff to make sure you are satisfied.

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